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All in all, the Pandemonium Club opens its door every night to anyone willing to pay. A world so much unlike our own, it’s no wonder even mundanes keep coming back for more. It’s a place where downworlders and humans rub elbows, and where everyone is on the same level for a few scant hours in the evening, and even a few more hours in the day. Where everyone can enjoy just being who they are, even if there’s a hierarchy of club members watching your every move.

It’s like magic…but don’t let the magic fool you; after all, everything one’s heard about monsters, about nightmares, legends whispers around campfires…they’re all true

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A new Mortal Instruments inspired roleplay 


“It was a regular Friday, like any other,” Informs the student council Vice President, “and I was just going over to Stacy’s to work on council predicaments… When I got there, she didn’t answer her door, so after I called her a predominant amount of times I decided that she had probably ran late from her job.” But what Cecil found next, he could hardly believe. In her own car that she had pooled her money to buy, Stacy lay dead, blood splashed over all the windows and insides turned out. “I ran. Well, after I threw up. I didn’t know what else to do,” Cecil told. A normal response for any person of his age. When Cecil got to the police and they arrived back at the scene, nothing had changed.

With a murder on the loose, the authorities were busting through the town, searching every crack and crevice. That is why the next victim, Blake Turner (16), was found before his friends or family could go looking for him. Blake’s situation was different, but was still able to tie in to the last killer. Police reports told that the returning sophomore was tied to a post at Jeweling Field, where he went to practice alone. When he was found, his stomach had been cut open vertically, almost like a dissection. It was said that he may have had to witness this before dying from blood loss. The only lead the police found from both of the murders was a text from an untraceable number.

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elephantrp-deactivated20130917 asked:
Hi, we're a new circus themed roleplay who'd appreciate a shout out. This rp just opened and we'd love some apps or questions! All FC's are open and accepting at about 20-25 apps. I'd love to be able to open soon! Thanks in advance.

santamaria-rp-deactivated201311 asked:
May we please have a shoutout? We're a brand new town roleplay with a dark plot. We've just put out a whole bunch of bios, and we're glad to accept OC's as well! We're looking for literate writers who aren't afraid to plot and develop, and we'd love to see some apps soon. Thank you! :)

theotherworldrp-deactivated2013 asked:
New Roleplay opening on the 8th of September! We would love a shout out. Thank you!

This is our first texture pack! It contains scanned in images from various encyclopedias and the covers or some books. Please like/reblog if you download it. Also, credit is not required but we’d love to see how you used them, and don’t claim them as your own.

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Character Development: Character Authenticity


Anonymous asked: I have problem: Every time I try to find plot or conflict I have to scratch it because it involves my characters doing something unrealistic or dumb ( and I believe that character authenticity is more important than fancy plot twists) but now I have to work out a lot of the main external problems out again! I so desperately want to write a riveting and exciting tale but how do I do it making sure that my characters aren’t irritatingly random?

This sounds to me like a character development issue rather than a plot-twist issue. You should be able to throw any plot-twist imaginable at your character, and if they are well developed, they should react in a way that is believable and not random for the character. In other words, you shouldn’t be choosing a plot and plot-twists to suit your characters. The point is to put people in unexpected situations to see how they react. 

In real life, curve balls come our way at the most unexpected times, and how one person reacts might be different from how another reacts. That is what makes a character unique, and that’s part of what is so interesting about stories, is getting to see how other people react to different things in different ways.

What you need to do first is make sure you’re focusing on one story at a time. Then, for each character, sit down and do a complete profile. Do at least a couple of character questionnaires per character, and maybe even look at figuring out what their personalities are to help determine how they might react in any given situation. Do some character-based writing exercises, such as word prompts, diary entries, or just “a day in the life,” and see what aspects of their personalities develop organically.

Here are some links to get you started:

Nine Common Character Types

High-Level Description of the Sixteen Personality Types

Jung Typology Test (Similar to MBTI)

Create-a-Character Exercises

100 Character Development Questions for Writers

The 100 Most Important Things to Know About Your Character

The Character Questionnaire


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Curious about the ingredients of wand making and their meanings? Unsure of the difference between bendy and rigid? Then this is the masterlist for you! Below the cut are various lists and explanations regarding the various wand factors, made so you can perfectly tailor a combination that suits your favorite wizarding character. Happy hunting!

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